Soft bites, full of flavour and exquisite textures. Our menu is based on the products from the sea, specializing in fresh fish, rice dishes and seafood, always well accompanied, by a perfect pairing thanks to the large selection of wines.

Salitre, fish restaurant in Tenerife
Salitre, fish restaurant in Tenerife


Gazpacho andaluz
Fish soup
Fish and seafood soup


Mixed salad of the house
Tuna salad (with tomatoes, red onion and avocado)
Salad of tomatoes woth fresh goat cheese
Roasted peppers with anchovies and tuna

Starters and tapas

Bellota Iberian Ham D.O. Guijuelo
Anchovies from Santoña
Marinated salmon tartatr with avocado
Sea Bass carpaccio with black olives and capers
Wreckfish carpaccio with truffle cream
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese
Scrambled Gofio
Canarian grilled cheese (with coriander mojo sauce and palm honey)
Peppers from Padrón
Garlic prawns
Mussels (Steamed or marinara sauce)
Clams (raw with lemon, steamed, marinara sauce or green sauce)
Grilled prawns
Grulled zamburiñas (bay scallop) with seafood sauce
Octopus canarian style (with a dressing of spicy peppers)
Octopus galician style (with paprika from La Vera)
Grilled baby squid
Grilled saharan squid

Deep fried

Creamy fish croquettes
Fried baby squid andalusian style
Fried squid andalusian style
Moray eel and potatoes "Chips"
Wreckfish chunks with tartara sauce
fried octopus (with potatoes and paprika alioli)
Fried fish

Specialties from the house share

Fisherman noodles (with squid, clams and prawns)
Salitre wreckfish stew (with clams, prawns and potatoes)
House creamy house (with squid, clams and prawns)
Creamy rice “Caldoso” with Xl red shrimp
Creamy rice “Caldoso” with lobster

Meat and Pasta

Tagliatelle alla bolognese
Tagliatelle frutti di mare
Shoulder of baby lamb cooked at low temperature with baked potatoes
Grilled dry aged cow sirloin steak with baked potatoes


Cod with onions "canarian style"
Cod confit (on puff pastry with caramelized onions)
Grilled sea bass
Sea bass baked in sea salt (min. 2pax)
Grilled gilthead seabream
Grilled redbanded seabream
Grilled sole
Sole meunière
Grilled salmon
Grilled groper
Grilled turbot
Grilled wreckfish
Marinara wreckfish (with clams and mussels)
Grilled black canarian wreckfish
Hake, grilled or romana style
Hake in green sauce
Mixed grilled fresh fish and seafood
Fish baked in sea salt (min. 2 pers)
Baked fish with baked potatoes (min. 2 pers)


(Min.2 Pers.)
Vegetable paella
Seafood paella
Black rice with baby squid and alioli
Vegetable risotto
Prawns and mushrooms risotto

Inform our staff if you have any intolerance or food allergy.

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